Green Maderas is an eco-branch of MADERAS MENUR, a familiar, young and dynamic company which has 30 years’ experience in wood work. From the beginning, MADERAS MENUR has increased the experience, the technology and the quality for the customers.

Our experience has helpedus to grow as a company, having facilities with 15,000 m2 and 80 workers. Everything has been possible thanks to our staff’s effort and work. They are always trying to improve to offer the best product every day. Nowadays, the company deals with every aspect of the wood, outdoors, indoors or building. We have incorporated more modern systems, without forgetting the craftsmanship, which has been always an important element in MADERAS MENUR products.

We can deal with our clients’ needs because we work as store of national and imported wood, ironmongery, furniture, equipment, kitchens, outdoor and indoor carpentry and laminated beam. The company is working now with a new building system which uses laminated glued wood as a economic and ecologic base. We have improved this building system together with a new joining system to increase the structure life and to use less metallic materials for the assembly. In that way, it becomes fire resistant and the ecological qualities increase.

MADERAS MENUR has a qualified and experienced staff who helps the customer offering the design and the project needed. We are always innovating and improving our knowledge and experience. MADERAS MENUR covers all what the client needs. Every stage (advice, design, calculation, manufacturing, transport and assembly) is controlled to please the customers. We offer a MADERAS MENUR product. In the catalogue, you can see a tiny sample of our products.