Pergolas and decks are made with the intention of being easy assembly and disassembly, thanks to the “dovetail” which has as main characteristic the hardware does not need to be placed.

Such structures designed to provide shade and shelter in adverse conditions climatologítas offer an attractive, functional and above all secure design.

The construction system used consists of a set of pieces of laminated wood of pine, with enough sections to provide full assurance to the structure.

Pergolas and decks are custom designed, allowing installation on multiple locations and escuadrías.

As completion of the upper deck, you can use canvas-high fire resistance classification M2 – with UV properties, which furnish an ideal solution for easy assembly, disassembly and storage.

Also can be made rigid roof, with navy and tegola board (asphalt blanket) imitation slate.

In these facilities the option of placing collectable side awnings where needed, to complete the enclosure referred to therein.

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